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James grew up around the film industry and knew that this was the right path for him. Camera department in particular has always been in sight as long as he can remember. Since 2015, James began his journey as a camera P.A. and climbed the ladder in the camera department learning everything he can. He now works as a Steadicam operator.

James has had the opportunity to work along side some of the top professionals in the corporate and commercial space. Now he is dedicated and focused on the narrative world of film and television. 

Over the last 8 years, James has compiled a wealth of knowledge to lead a camera department as an operator to generate gorgeous images. His experience includes working on both digital and film formats. James' preference always leans towards shooting on film though he knows how to call for the right tool for the job. Always. 

Equipment James Owns

GPI PRO CineLive Sled System

GPI PRO Titan Arm (72 lbs Max Load)


SmallHD 702 Touch Monitor

SmallHD 5" Touch Monitor

Tilta Nucleus Follow Focus System (2 Motors)

Magliner JR Steadicam Cart

Anton Bauer 98wh Batteries (8)

Custom Power Cables for Arri, Sony, and RED cameras


Tiffen Zephyr Steadicam Sled System

Tiffen Zephyr Arm (28 lbs Max Payload)

Tiffen Zephyr Vest

Marshall 7" Monitor

CineLevel Digital Level

Additional Gold Mount Battery Mount

*Available for Rent 


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Phone:  (678) 910-0830

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