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The three days leading up to Victoria’s graduation bring the abusive relationship with her mother into sharp focus. Tension between the two grows as Victoria applies to college despite her mother's wishes and the truth behind Victoria's absent father is revealed. The final showdown between the two brings more revelations and an opportunity for Victoria to fight for her independence. And maybe even a chance to see her father in a new light. Abuse, both verbal and physical, is a sensitive topic. But one that is especially important for writers Lexi Cowling and Melody McLaurin, and lead, Noelle Cameron. With a majority female cast and crew, Dear Tori sought to explore this abusive story and help others in similar real world situations to find their own strength.

Cast & Crew

Noelle Cameron - Victoria

Carole Wood - Karen

Ja'ness Tate - Western

Elias Banks - Voice of Robert Wood

Director/Editor/EP - Kevin Keegan

Producer - Rachel High

DP - James Persinger

1st AC - Nick Neidhardt

2nd AC/PA - Conner Larson

Key Grip - Sarah Funderburk


AD - Duncan Stephen

Script Supervisor - Melody Mclaurin

Casting Director - Noelle Cameron

Location Sound - Josh Crosby

Set Decoration - Lexi Cowling

HMUA - Karri Manning

Craft Services - Ashley Keegan

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